TEDx Sedona: Schools Should Add The #1 Skill to Survive in the 21st Century

Everyone is born a creative problem solver, and it is our only advantage over robots and AI.

Got Milk Ad for Creativity in Schools and Corporations

Schools should teach creative problem solving along with reading, writing and mathematics.

I teach creative problem solving at schools (professional development), universities, and at corporations to restore out-of-the boxing thinking and creativity to make people better problem solvers.

My mission is also to make creativity techniques household words that are familiar to everyone.

I want creativity to be a conversation topic at every family dinner, and in every corporate meeting with questions such as “what did you see or do today that was creative?”

Creative family having dinner

Reading, writing and arithmetic were the basis of our education system when it was designed 150 years ago to train factory workers for the rapidly expanding industrial revolution.  Creativity and creative problem solving were excluded because creative people would not be good at running the machines in the factories.

Industrial Revolution

More schools should add classes in creativity techniques such as mind mapping, lateral thinking, brainstorming, attribute listing, and many more.

Our schools should be teaching reading, writing, arithmetic AND creativity techniques.

Mind Mapping Example



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