Creativity in Schools Beach

We Make Your Teachers More Creative

  • Out-of-the-box thinking the Apple and Intel way

  • We teach creativity techniques for teachers

Teaching Creativity Workshop

We Inspire Teacher Creativity

  • How to create innovative lesson plans

  • How to make your students creative

Teaching Creativity on Whiteboard

Immediate Results Guaranteed

  • Workshops are customized to your business

  • We boost team performance and teamwork

See Problems Sooner

  • Learn team skills to improve powers of observation

  • See overlooked solutions (The Ruby Slippers)

Empathy in Teaching

  • Cross your arms to “feel” empathy for a person

  • Learn how to walk in another person’s “moccasins”

Selling Your Creative Ideas

  • How to sell your creative ideas to your company

  • Avoid having a “fallen tree” idea that no one hears

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