Corporate Creativity Team Meeting

Creativity Will Increase the Productivity of Your Teams

  • Improve productivity, efficiency and innovation
  • See and solve business problems in creative ways
  • Take your team work to the next level with creativity
  • 1-hour workshop can be done during lunch
  • Meet Your Instructor/Facilitator

Corporate Creativity Team

Teach Your Teams Creative Problem Solving Techniques

  • Brainstorming (judge not and how Apple does it)
  • Mindmapping (this pushed Intel over a Billion in sales)
  • Lateral thinking (it saved the Ford Motor Company)
  • Attribute listing (this put Hitachi on the map)
  • Learn About the Workshops

Corporate Creativity Team Using Brainstorming

Supercharge Creative Problem Solving in All Your Teams

  • Marketing will find new customers
  • Sales will convince more customers
  • Purchasing will buy better and quicker
  • Production will build better and faster
  • R&D will make compelling products
Corporate Creativity Problem Solving Meeting

Identify Problems Earlier and Solve Them Sooner

  • Generate novel solutions and new ideas
  • Defer judgement to get ideas quickly
  • Reverse brainstorm for problem solving
  • Getting full team participation
  • Learn About the Classes/Workshops

Corporate Creativity Problem Solving Meeting

Solve Problems with New Confidence

  • Generate more ideas and innovative solutions
  • Spread the power of creative problem solving
  • Empower your employee to use imagination
  • Inspire your team to better problem solving
  • Meet Your Instructor/Facilitator

Corporate Building

Give Your Company the Competitive Edge

  • Increase sales and boost your bottom line
  • Use creativity to solve problems quickly
  • Improve customer satisfaction and service
  • Lead your team to new levels of productivity
  • Learn About the Classes/Workshops

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