Students learning creativity techniques

Engage Students Using Creativity

• Make classes fun and exciting with mind mapping

• Creativity in English, History, Math, Science, etc.

Teaching creativity to teachers

We Inspire Creative Teaching

• We make your teachers more creative

• Learn creative thinking the Apple and Intel way

Teachers and student empathy

We Teach Creative Empathy

• Cross-your-arms method to “feel” empathy for others

• Learn how to walk in another’s “moccasins”

Student being creative at the beach

How to Make Creative Connections

• Write an LA Times op-ed using the Wizard of Oz

• Teach math using a meat grinder and toilet plunger

Students learning how to be creative

Learn to Sell Creativity to Your Students

• How to SELL your creative ideas to students

• Avoid a “fallen tree” idea that no student hears

Students learning mind mapping creativity techniques

Immediate Results Guaranteed

• We customize workshops to your teachers

• We boost teacher performance and teamwork

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