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“Teaching team-building workshops with creativity techniques is tremendous fun!  The energy in the room and the creative output from the participants is absolutely amazing.  It is extremely rewarding to unlock a team’s potential and see their creative problem solving skills jump to new levels.”  — Curtis Panasuk.

  • Dynamic and inspirational  speaker who makes each workshop an exciting journey of discovery that energizes his audiences and stimulates their curiosity and creativity
  • TEDx Sedona 2018 Speaker on the topic of Creativity as the #1 Survival Skill in the 21st Century
  • Former magazine editor and CEO who knows how to lead a team to reach their maximum creative potential
  • Was a creative thinker at corporations such as Apple, Intel and Hitachi
  • Articles have been quoted in the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle and San Jose Mercury News
  • Curtis has been called the “Johnny Appleseed of Creativity,” for spreading his lessons in creativity coast-to-coast.

Boost the Productivity of Your Employees

  • Learn to solve problems using powerful creative techniques such as mind mapping, lateral thinking, brainstorming, attribute listing and many more
  • Learn how to eliminate blocking language that prevents a team from producing out-of-the-box ideas
  • This is not a “rah-rah” team-building workshop, instead it is about solving real problems using powerful creativity techniques
  • Hands-on, workshop in which you “learn a creativity technique”, followed  by “use that creativity technique”
  • Perfect class for all employees from entry-level all way to senior management and C-level executive staff
  • Workshop is offered in a 1-hour (lunch intensive), 2-hour or 4-hour class format
  • Inspire, motivate and communicate to greater success
Curtis Panasuk, Creativity Consultant / Speaker at TEDx Sedona 2018
Boost the Productivity of Your Employees with Team Building

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