Curtis Panasuk

Creativity Consultant

“I Love My Job!”

I recommend Curtis to any school that wants to energize their teachers, and show them how to engage students with creativity.”  Dr. McCrea, Santa Clara University

  • Creative high-school and middle-school teacher

  • Creative thinker for Apple, Intel and Hitachi

  • Magazine editor who has been quoted in the LA Times, SF Chronicle and SJ Mercury

  • Check out his talk at Highlights of TEDx Sedona, or view his entire talk at TEDx Sedona

  • Called the “Johnny Appleseed of Creativity,” for spreading his lessons coast-to-coast

  • His workshops are 1-hour (lunch), 2-hours or 4-hours

  • Connect on LinkedIn

Curtis loves showing teachers how to become creative and out-of-the-box thinkers. The energy in the room and the creative output from the participants was amazing!” Natalie Vargo, Foothill College

Curtis Panasuk, Creativity Consultant / Speaker at TEDx Sedona
Curtis Panasuk teaching creativity workshop with team building
Creativity Workshop in Action

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